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New announcements for BeColor | 3 August 2024

New Announcements for the BECOLOR event on 3 August 2024

We are excited to share the latest news about the event BECOLOR of 3 August 2024! This year, the event will be held in the picturesque Sila National Park, a Camigliatello Silano (CS). Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience!


Be Color - 3 agosto

We are pleased to announce that three exceptional bands will perform on the BECOLOR stage:

  1. Motorpsycho: This Norwegian alt-rock band has a 30-year career and has earned a place of honour in the world of Northern European louder psych-rock. Motorpsycho are known for their engaging performances and daring exploration of rock.

  2. Kula Shaker: Kula Shaker are back in style with 'Natural Magick'. The band, famous for its visceral connection with fans, will perform with the 1998 line-up. Get ready for lightning-fast energy and an enthralling musical journey.

  3. Marlene Kuntz: These veterans of Italian alternative rock will celebrate live the release of 'Catartica', an album that made them famous 30 years ago. Marlene Kuntz are a reference point for the Italian music scene and their presence on stage will be unmissable.

BeColor 16 August

The summer events don't end here, don't miss the 16 August BeColor!

On this special date, we will have the honour of hosting the Editorsone of the most influential bands on the indie rock scene. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enjoy their music and the energy of the audience.Find out more >> clicking here

Join us in celebrating music, nature and summer at BECOLOR 2024! 🎶🌞

Tickets and Details

Tickets for BECOLOR are now available! Make sure you buy them in advance to guarantee yourself a front row seat. The event will take place outdoors, surrounded by the natural beauty of Sila, and will offer a unique atmosphere.