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Color Fest Backstage

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Color Fest Backstage - 10 years of Festival

During the three days of the Colour Fest we recorded a podcast hosted by Vittorio Ondedei (Camillas) e Sara Di Iacovoof interviews and stories from the tenth edition with stories of #Backstage of the 9 previous editions and why not interviews with the festival audience.

In the podcast we will talk to N.A.I.P., Naska, Nu Genea, Ginevra, Marco Castello, Emma Nolde, Savana Funk, MACE and many more...

N.A.I.P. in Calabria at Color Fest 10

N.A.I.P. returns to Calabria! The revelation artist of X Factor 2020, N.A.I.P, arrives at Color Fest 10 on 11 August 2022 with the 'I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON TOUR'.his new live adventure.

N.A.I.P. is the acronym for 'No Artist in Particular', Michelangelo Mercuri's alternative electronic songwriting project: a delicate, risky, audacious operation; a great performative capacity at the service of innovative writing, strongly identifiable and free of musical labels.

His name is a manifesto of intentions, a provocative and disturbing proposal, but strongly rooted in the narrative of the Italian singer-songwriting golden age.

Octapad, synth, guitar and voice are the instruments that enter a vortex of repetitions generated by a loop station, so the mantras of 'Bravi nel Breve', of 'Oh Oh Oh', of 'Partecipo' come to life, becoming hypnotic tracks that after each listen get stuck in your head: above all the single 'Attenti al Loop'.

A finalist in X Factor 2020, his path - within the TV format - has been one of sound experimentation, an innate creative ability that has allowed him to develop a deeply contemporary and multifaceted musical journey.

N.A.I.P. - 11 August 2022
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

Naska in Calabria at Color Fest 10

Punk rock is back. We get it from Naska in Calabria on stage at Color Fest 10.

Naska, stage name of Diego Caterbetti, was born in 1997 in Civitanova Marche.

After finishing high school, he moved to Milan to focus on his musical career. Having grown up with the punk/rock scene of blink 182 and Sum 41, he later became passionate about the American emo trap scene represented by Lil Peep: influences that find ample space in his music and that allow him to give his project a sound that is currently unique in Italy. In 2020, he released his first EP 'ALO/VE', for Sony Music.

The first single extracted is 'Dormi', a manifesto of jealousy, insecurity and trust in relationships of today's teenagers. He subsequently releases "Tu che ne sai", "California", "Mamma non mi parla" and "Spezzami il cuore", singles that precede his next record project. In addition to music, he opened his Twitch channel in 2019 and began his parallel journey as a streamer, reaching a loyal audience that follows him on daily broadcasts. 'Rebel' is his official debut album.

Naska - 11 August
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

Nu Gena in Calabria at Color Fest 10

The duo Nu Guinea, trained in Naples and now based in Berlin, creates sounds influenced by the idea of an exotic, perhaps imaginary place, the result of constant musical research into the past. Their journey can be defined as a historical investigation of dancefloor music in its purest sense. The key is the contamination of musical genres born of the encounter between different cultures and populations.

The project was born from the idea of jam sessions, fusions between electronic synthesisers and traditional instruments, characterised by a sound that does not aim for perfection, but for 'authenticity' and can be understood as a constantly changing form. The first work released on Early Sounds Recordings in 2014 was followed by the album 'World Ep' on Tartelet Records. In 2016, The Tony Allen Experiments was released, featuring Tony Allen, progenitor of Afrobeat and historical drummer of the legendary Fela Kuti. Following this, Nu Guinea establish their own record platform: NG records. The first release is a 45 rpm entitled Amore, a cover of an Italian song from the late 1970s. Instead, 2018 marks a return to their roots. Nuova Napoli , the title of the latest LP, is a special focus on the duo's hometown. They look at the city from afar, reconstructing its energy from their studio in Berlin, calibrating the synths on the meridian of Vesuvius, the volcano that has always protected and threatened Naples. On this record Nu Guinea are inspired by Disco, Jazz-Funk and Neapolitan Fusion music, combining these influences with their characteristic sound.

Nu Genea - 13 August
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

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Geneva in Calabria at Color Fest 10

Geneva is the new voice of Italian avant-pop. As refined as she is powerful in live performances. 

Raised between Collegno, Grugliasco and Turin, after moving to Milan in 2012 she graduated in singing from the CPM Music Institute and then graduated in Political Science at theState University.

He made his debut in March 2019 with the EP Ruinsproduced by Milanese composer and producer Francesco Fugazza. In May, he participated in the tenth edition of the competition Music to Drinkwhere it receives the special mention KeepOn Live which led her in September to play for the first time in Rome as part of the event A little summer thing.

the second EP is released on 26 June 2020 Metropoliswhere the singer-songwriter from Turin sings in Italian. In September at theArena of Verona participates in a duet with Ghemon together with other artists at the concert event Heroes streamed.[4] In October of the same year, she was selected among the 20 semi-finalists of Sanremo Giovani 2020 with the song Vortex.

Together with Mecna composes the song Solireleased as a single on 11 February 2021, featuring vocals by Geneva herself and Ghemon and has as its central theme the relationship with loneliness.[6] He writes the piece Wisteria with which Noemi participates in the Sanremo Festival 2021 and is also the author of some tracks on the album Metamorphosis of the Roman singer-songwriter. In the same year she participated in the May Day concert in Rome. Summer 2021 sees her take to the stages of the MI AMI Festivalof the Linecheck Festival and the Liverpool Sound City.

At Sanremo Festival 2022In the evening of covers, Geneva duets with The List Representative, Cosmo e Margaret Vicar in a cover by Be My Baby of Ronettes.

Geneva - 13 August
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

Marco Castello in Calabria at Color Fest 10

Mix jazz, Motown disco and the Mediterranean, and let them talk about high school love, summer hormones and the alleys of Ortigia. With Marco Castello in Calabria, it will be a romantic party at Color Fest 10.

Marco Castello, born in 1993, is a Sicilian multi-instrumentalist. He graduated from the civic jazz courses of the Claudio Abbado school in Milan. He can play the drums like a funk drummer and sing at the same time, but he is also a dragon on guitar, trumpet, piano and above all he knows how to write songs. Delicate songs that are well played but also anchored in the contemporary.

After transporting you back to school with¬†Poryesdanced with¬†Torpi,¬†cooked 'fat' things to soothe the body and mind with¬†Fat girl¬†and released some¬†Dopamine,¬†released by 42 Records in Italy and Bubbles Records in the rest of Europe,¬†Happy You, the long-awaited debut album by one of the most original and international Italian musical talents around: Marco Castello.¬†Happy you¬†was recorded at Butterama Studio in Berlin and produced together with Marcin √Ėz (The Whitest Boy Alive) and producer and composer Daniel Nentwig.

An irresistible mix of pop, funk, jazz and blues, jaunty, catchy melodies with a foot-stomping groove and intimate, delicate songs capable of transporting you elsewhere: Happy you skilfully combines heterogeneous songs with many small textures where drums, guitars, horns, keyboards and synths create ever-changing harmonic solutions, resulting in a sound that is fresh and light, elegant and at the same time raw.

A plunge into memories of school trips, moped rides, jam sessions, first kisses and nights on the beach watching the stars.

An account of the years Marco spent in his hometown, Syracuse, after studying in Milan, touring the world alongside Erlend √ėye of Kings of Convenience in the project La Comitiva, and returning there.

A true return to his origins in which Marco is able to seek (and find) poetry in the grotesque, bringing together some of the contradictions of contemporary society, starting with those of his own city.

He is currently at work on writing his second album, but more surprises are expected in the coming months.

Marco Castello - 13 August
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

Emma Nolde in Calabria at Color Fest 10

Emma Nolde was born in Tuscany in the year 2000. At the age of fifteen, he began writing original songs in English, which he worked on without publishing any projects. Shortly afterwards, he began working on tracks in Italian, and in the last year in particular, he dedicated himself to the creation of his first real project, produced together with Renato D'Amico and Andrea Pachetti, which will be published in 2020, consisting of eight tracks entirely in Italian.

His debut album is called Toccaterra and was released on 4 September 2020 by Woodworm/Polydor. It was hailed by critics as a truly surprising and important debut. Emma is undoubtedly one of the voices of the future of Italian music. Toccattera was a finalist at the Tenco Prize in the Opera Prima section.

EMMA NOLDE - 12 August 2022
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

Savana Funk in Calabria at Color Fest 10

A virtuoso trio with influences from jazz to the Mediterranean basin, via the East. Their music is a hymn to the intermingling of cultures, and listening to them live is a journey you cannot give up.

Savana Funk embody the essence of the live band, combining funk, rock and blues with incendiary jams, irresistible grooves and an enviable stage presence. With a fast-growing loyal audience and a growing number of gigs across Europe, they have a long-awaited new album coming in spring 2021.

Aldo, Blake and Youssef met in the spring of 2015 in Bologna, and a rare human and musical connection was immediately established. Immediately the three decide to form a band and immediately start doing a lot of live shows, experimenting with ideas and writing music.
The first album is a self-production, 'MUSICA ANALOGA'. , and was released under the name Aldo Betto w/ Blake Franchetto & Youssef Ait Bouazza in 2016. In February 2017, the second album "SAVANA FUNK" (Brutture Moderne/ Audioglobe) was released, again under the name Aldo Betto w/ Blake Franchetto & Youssef Ait Bouazza. The album gets dozens of reviews in major magazines and blogs, not only in the industry. Written and conceived as a trio, the album testifies to the maturation process of the Bologna-based band. At the beginning of 2018, the trio definitively takes the name SAVANA FUNK.

September 2018 saw the release of the third album, 'Bring in the New' (Brutture Moderne / Audioglobe). The collaboration with Nicola Peruch, present since the first album as a musician and now also co-producer and co-writer, is consolidated. Nicola also joins the SAVANA FUNK live band on a permanent basis. The increased interaction with Peruch expands the possibilities of the group, which is projected into new sounds. Bring in the New also featured Chris Costa, Don Antonio and Danilo Mineo.
This third work by Savana Funk gets a lot of reviews, excellent responses from critics and the public.
The band continues in a tireless live activity, participating in dozens of important festivals and shows. The stage is the congenial dimension to appreciate the band's spirit. In the summer of 2019, Savana Funk are invited to several dates of the Jova Beach Party, Jovanotti's summer concerts: they play in front of tens of thousands of people, even doing long jam sessions on stage with Lorenzo. In the same year, they were guests on Propaganda Live, the highly popular programme on La7.
In 2020 the band is working on a new album to be released in spring 2021 with Garrincha GoGo's newly founded world/funk label.

Savana Funk - 12 August 2022
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

MACE in Calabria at Color Fest 10

MACE in Calabria, comes an artist who needs no introduction because in Mace's case it is his productions that speak.

Mace arrives on the Color Fest stage on 12 August. Ready to dance?

Mace, pseudonym of Simone Benussi (Milan, 9 July 1982), is a disc jockey, beatmaker e record producer Italian.

He has produced tracks for a wide variety of artists, including Fabri Fibra, Gué Pequeno, Marracash, Izi, Noyz Narcos, Psalm, Lorenzo Fragola, Joan Thiele, Kaos, Colle der Fomento, Jack the Smoker, Gemitaiz, Venerus e Rkomi.


Early years

Mace entered the world of hip hop at an early age, initially becoming passionate about writing and later producing backing tracks. After a period of apprenticeship, he formed a partnership with Milanese MC Jack the Smoker, creating the group La Crème, which released the album L'alba in 2003 through Vibrarecords. The duo began playing all over Italy, with a few appearances in Switzerland as well, until opening the concert of Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan at the Rolling Stone in Milan.

After his debut, he began a long series of collaborations with leading Italian hip hop artists, producing tracks for Kaos, Colle der Fomento, Mondo Marcio, Bassi Maestro, Clementino, DJ Enzo, Lord Bean, Vacca, Ghemon, Amir, Ape and Zampa, as well as US rapper Afu-Ra. In 2007, he released the album Tilt together with Milanese MC Blodi B, member of the Banhana Sapiens collective.

I Reset!

In 2008, Mace turned to electronic music and founded Reset! together with Alex Trecarichi, Rocco Civitelli, Vincenzo Catanzaro and Matteo Ievolella.[1] The group's sounds have been described by specialist critics as a fusion of funk, electro, house and hip hop.[2] In the course of their activity, they have released a number of singles and EPs through British, Australian and Japanese record labels,[3] as well as having released official remixes for Fatboy Slim, Cassius, Robyn, Bingo Players, Audio Bullys and Mad Decent (a label founded by Diplo);

During the first half of the 2000s the group performed in Asia, Australia, Ibiza, the UK and Japan.[2][5][6]

In 2013, Sony Music released his debut album Future Madness, which included the participation of numerous artists such as Erick Sermon from EPMD, Keith Murray, Gué Pequeno, Emis Killa, Noyz Narcos, Clementino, Ensi, Ghemon, Francesco Sarcina and Paul King.[7] The album was later reissued in Japan with the addition of various remixes.


Solo career

Mace in concert in Milan, stage of OBE Live - An Out of Body Experience
In 2012, the musician approached trap and, starting in 2013, began releasing his first solo singles and EPs, mainly on US and UK labels, and doing promotional tours in Australia and Japan. The following year, he returned to producing backing tracks for various Italian rappers, including Marracash, Gué Pequeno, Jake La Furia, Salmo, Noyz Narcos, Gemitaiz, MadMan, and Izi, for whom he produced the platinum-certified Chic track with Shablo.

In 2017, he produced Fabri Fibra's single Pamplona, later certified triple platinum by FIMI and which topped the Italian airplay chart. Between 2018 and 2020 he released the singles Sindrome with Venerus, Immaginario with Colapesce, Non mi fido with Side Baby and the Psychologists and Bianco/Gospel with Gemitaiz.

In 2020, he announced his signing with Island Records and simultaneously released the single Ragazzi della nebbia, featuring Irama and FSK Satellite: it served as the lead single for his debut album. Entitled OBE, the album was released on 5 February 2021 and achieved good success in Italy, debuting at the top of the FIMI Albums chart; the album's success was made possible especially by the second single La canzone nostra (recorded with Blanco and Salmo), which dominated the Top Singles chart for four consecutive weeks, being certified gold.

After presenting the album through a streamed event on 5 July 2021 at the Arco Triofante in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Mace announced the six-date OBE Live - An Out of Body Experience tour in May 2022, during which he was accompanied by various musicians.

On 16 May 2022, he announced the release of his second album Oltre on the 27th of the same month. In contrast to OBE, the eleven tracks it contains are entirely instrumental and features sounds that alternate between electronic and psychedelic.

MACE - 12 August 2022
Color Fest 10 - This Must Be The Place
Agritourism Costantino

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