🗓️ 14 - 15 - 16 August 2024, Calabria, Italy
What to do in Calabria

What to do in August in Calabria

Lineup Color Fest & BeColor

We know the artists who will be playing this summer:

  • EDITORS: The legendary British band brings to the stage a mix of captivating melodies and evocative lyrics that capture the essence of alternative rock. Their presence at the Color Fest is an unmissable opportunity for Italian fans to have an unforgettable experience with one of the most influential bands on the international music scene.

  • FULMINACLES: The Roman singer-songwriter stands out for his ability to mix irony and sensitivity in his songs, creating an authentic emotional experience for the audience. His performances are characterised by a deep attention to the lyrics, which reflect a scrupulous and reflective approach to the narration of everyday life.

  • EKKSTACY: Hailing from Canada, Ekkstacy has achieved worldwide success with his rock/surf punk sound that captures the energy and urgency of contemporary youth. His stage presence is overwhelming, promising a show that will not disappoint the expectations of fans of the genre.

  • I Hate My Village: This Italian super band consists of: Adriano Viterbini (Bud Spencer Blues Explosion), Fabio Rondanini (35-calibre, Afterhours), Alberto Ferrari (Verdena) bring to the stage an eclectic mix of musical influences, from African sounds to sonic experimentation, creating a unique and engaging experience for the audience. Their new record promises to further consolidate their reputation in the Italian music scene.

  • Cosmo: Known for his intense and engaging shows, Cosmo takes the audience on a psychedelic journey through different sound worlds. His music is a fusion of electronic and songwriting elements, creating a unique atmosphere of clubbing and introspection.

  • Populous: This renowned Italian DJ and producer is admired for his ability to mix different musical styles, creating a unique and engaging sound. His presence at Color Fest promises to transport the audience into an eclectic and stimulating sound experience.

  • Clap! Clap!: Another Italian talent in the world of electronic music, Clap! Clap! is known for his engaging and energetic sets that mix tribal rhythms with contemporary sounds. His music is a celebration of eclecticism and creativity that promises to make audiences dance non-stop.

  • The Ice Cream Wizard: With his evocative and evocative music, Il Mago del Gelato transports the audience on an imaginary journey through unique soundscapes. His compositions are characterised by fluid and vibrant atmospheres, creating an immersive sensory experience for the listener.

  • Toy Tonics: This DJ collective is known for their dynamic and entertaining performances that mix different musical influences. Their music is a celebration of diversity and creativity, promising to get the audience buzzing with fast-paced rhythms and compelling melodies.

And many more to come!


14 August 2024

15 August 2024

16 August 2024