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Supernova Contest Rules 2024


Supernova is the contest that selects three new artistic projects that will play on the Color Fest stage on 14, 15 and 16 August 2024. The contest is launched with the aim, in line with Color Fest's mission, of promoting opportunities for emerging artists, their access to professional live music networks and fostering their relationships with the music industry.


To participate in the Supernova contest, you need to fill in the online registration form at colourfest.co.uk/supernova-form. The Enrolment Deadline for the 2024 Edition is set, unless extended, at 19 April

The finals will be held in Bologna, Rome and Rende during the second half of May 2024.


The artistic category of participation is unique. The only category distinction concerns the final in which the participant chooses to compete. There are three finals:

  • Bologna
  • Rome
  • Rende (CS)

No. 5 finalists are admitted to each final.


PHASE 1 consists of submitting 3 songs (published or unreleased) to the judgement of a jury of experts and insiders in the music industry, delivered via links to streaming platforms or uploading to the contest website of the folder -exclusively- in .zip format.

PHASE 2, to which access is granted following jury evaluation, consists of live performances in one of the three finals (Bologna, Rome, Rende). No. 5 finalist projects for each final have access to Stage 2.

The three winners of the three finals will be included in the official line-up of the Color Fest. The choice of the day 14,15,16 August will be guided by the subtle harmony between the musical genre proposed by the winners and the day of the event, thus ensuring a perfect synergy between artists and show days.


To participate in the Supernova contest the fee to be paid will be € 30.99 for production and secretarial costs of the contest and event.


Payment is made by secure PayPal payment to the account of the promoting association: 'What are clouds APS'.


During phase 1: The evaluation of the submitted pieces is carried out by the jury composed for the reference final chosen by the participant. Each juror independently evaluates the entries on a scale of 1 to 10. The sum of the jurors' evaluations for each participating project results in the ranking list.

During phase 2: the musical projects are evaluated on the basis of live performance, on a scale of 1 to 10 for each finalist. The sum of the jurors' evaluations for each participating project results in the ranking list.


The three finals will take place in Bologna, Rome and Rende (CS), in public events and in front of the jury. The winner will be announced at the end of the performances. The dates of the finals will be announced no later than 25 days before the finals take place.


All participants, at the time of registration by filling in the form on the website www.colorfest.it/supernova, automatically accept these Rules and Regulations and grant a free-of-charge release for image rights relating to their participation in Supernova. With this concession, they offer the Organisation the possibility of taking photographs, television and/or audio recordings, including those made by third parties authorised by the Organisation. Such footage may be used, in its entirety or in part, on television, radio, the internet, audiovisual, etc., both in Italy and abroad.

Pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR 2016/679, which establishes provisions for the protection of personal data processing, each participant consents to the processing of his or her personal data, either directly or through third parties. This consent is provided not only for the full execution of these regulations but also for any processing, including:
(a) Studies, research, statistics and market surveys;
b) Sending advertising material and commercial information concerning Color Fest and Supernova.


1. The Jury's judgement is final and indisputable.

2. Each Artist is required to provide a valid email address and/or mobile phone number in order to receive from the Organisation any communication relating to organisational and logistical aspects of the event. The Organisation will communicate any technical/artistic details in advance.

3. All participants guarantee by registering, releasing the Organisation from any liability, that they will not infringe the rights of third parties with their performance.

4. During the period of validity of these regulations, the Organisation may make additions and changes to them for organisational and functional requirements. The Organisation may, due to unforeseen or unforeseen events, introduce changes and additions to protect and safeguard the artistic level of the contest, without prejudice to the spirit of the premises and the organisation of the event.

5. The Organisation warns participants against accepting assurances of guaranteed endings or particular recommendations in exchange for compensation, even if these are made by persons collaborating in any way with the Organisation. They would be of no value and the Organisation disassociates itself from them and cautions in advance.

6. The Organisation expressly reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance with these regulations, to exclude from the contest, at any time and without refund, those who fail to comply with the rules of these regulations, or who cause serious damage to the organisation or are proven to be morally unworthy.

7. Participants in the Contest may withdraw only for reasons of force majeure, giving timely notice to the Organisation, but shall not be entitled to request the reimbursement of amounts already paid, as provided for in these Rules and Regulations.

8. Any travel and accommodation costs (board and lodging) to contest the finals shall be borne exclusively by each individual participant. A backstage dinner will be offered during the finals events.

9. The copyrights of the pieces submitted remain the total property of the authors and composers of the pieces themselves, as do the marketing rights. The participant authorises the Organisation to broadcast the song submitted to the contest, to use the artist's name, the biographical information sent at the time of registration and the images of the participant, in the interest of the participant himself, exclusively for promotional purposes inherent to the contest.

11. Each unpublished song submitted for the Jury's evaluation will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be publicly disclosed. It will remain protected and reserved exclusively for listening within the Contest final.

12. Any link, file or .zip archive sent through the Form that is not working, corrupt or invalid will be automatically discarded. Given the volume of requests we receive, we kindly ask all artists to carefully check the correct functioning and validity of what they have sent before submitting.

13. The Organisation accepts no liability for accidents or psychophysical damage that may occur to participants to any extent.


The three winning projects will play on stage at Color Fest 12. One on 14 August, one on 15 August and one on 16 August 2024.

>> Expenses of EUR 200 per band + board and lodging (for the performance day) + 3-day pass for each band member + interview in the festival podcast (Color Fest Backstage).

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